A comprehensive excursion into the artist´s life and works written by a number of friends, colleagues and art critics such as  Leif Eriksson, Thomas Millroth, Michel Tournier, Jasper Johns, Susan Sontag, Ulf Linde and Dore Ashton.

Published by Arena 2002 400 pages. English edition Style is fraud / Swedish edition Stil är bedrägeri.

FROM one SIDE to the OTHER / Från den ena sidan… till den andra.

Drawings from 1989-1993. Hundreds of the famous early drawings made with his left hand, the consequence of CFR´s stroke 1989, compiled, edited and described by Thomas Millroth. And with special comment by Professor of Cognitive Neurophysiology Martin Ingvar.

Texts in both Swedish and English.Published 2006 by Arena, 330 pages.


When famous classical pianist and composer Hans Pålsson saw Carl Fredrik´s late ink drawings he became so inspired that he composed a very special piece of music around these artworks.Thomas Millroth explains the connection between them.

 Published by Arena 2013 with texts in both Swedish and English, 135 pages including disc with 42 minutes of music.


In this book Thomas Millroth presents the conceptual theme of the works of CFR starting in his early years as a young man and art student. The book contains a lot of important and ground breaking documents and texts by the artist, many of them available for the first time.

 Texts in Swedish. Published by Arena 2010, 235 pages.


Swinging, moving, jazzy ink drawings by CFR accompanied by Ulf Linde´s and Thomas Millroth´s texts together with a disc where we can listen to a rare free jazz improvisation from 1959 with CFR and Linde. 

Texts in Swedish and English.Published by Arena 2010 including a minidisc.


This catalogue was made as a small and exclusive book in connection with an exhibition in Landskrona Konsthall where CFR´s work with language as a theme was shown together for the first time. Thus figures, inter-figures, letters and inter-letters as well as other linguistic puns play a major role. This important aspect of his art was analyzed in deepening essays by Thomas Millroth, Tanja Koljonen and Jesper Svenbro.

 Texts are published in their original languages, Swedish and Finnish, and translated into English. Published by Arena 2018, 115 pages.


The catalogue raisonné of Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd´s collected graphic, artistic prints and other printed matter in chronological order. With comments and explanations by Thomas Millroth, Annerose Keβler, Norbert Nobis.

 Texts in Swedish and English. Published by Arena 2016, 409 pages.